Beyond Busy

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Beyond Busy is a podcast by Graham Allcott of Think Productive, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. In this show, he interviews people from all walks of life about productivity, work/life balance, happiness and success.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Reaching for your own south pole, with explorer Erling Kagge

    Graham talks to explorer and author of [Philosophy for Polar Explorers](, Erling Kagge about the characteristics needed to become an explorer. Erling also shares his thoughts on what we're missing by sticking to our screens. Erling approaches pain -- be it physical or mental -- as a gift, and believes we ...


  2. How to have very clear ideas, with Charles Davies

    Graham talks to author and business consultant Charles Davies about having "very clear ideas". Charles has turned his hand to journalism, stand-up comedy, songwriting, campaigning and teaching, among many other occupations. Charles and Graham discuss identity (through the means of Identity Yoga), trying on ideas and challenging our biases. He also ...


  3. Gail Bainbridge

    Graham talks to accountant turned money mentor Gail Bainbridge about exploring the country in a campervan, the joy of missing out, and our relationships with money. [Graham Allcott]( is the founder of [time management training]( company [Think Productive]( This podcast is produced by [Origin]( ...


  4. Marie Forleo

    Graham is in London talking with New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marie Forleo. Marie shares her rules of the Figureoutable Philosophy, living with self-doubt, her experiences in male-dominated work environments, seeking therapy, and working with Oprah. [Graham Allcott]( is the founder of [time management training]( "Link:") company [Think ...


  5. Rob Wilson

    Graham shares a beer with the chief toaster at social enterprise Toast Ale, to talk empathy, social entrepreneurship, and mindfulness. Rob and Graham worked together at Read International, a charity Rob founded and Graham would go on to chair. Now, Rob works to reduce environmental waste by brewing beer made from ...